The reward is greater: Get involved

The one thing we at The Ranger hear most often is “there is never anything to do here on campus.”

Nothing could be further from the truth since Amarillo College has a whole host of clubs and organizations that offer many opportunities for students to have a well-rounded college experience.

Clubs range from major specific groups like the Chemistry and Biology club, Dental Assisting club, and the Student Nurses Association, to fraternal orders Delta Psi Omega (theater), Sigma Kappa Delta (English Honors), and Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society).

Also service organizations abound with the Badger Hearts, the Blue Blazers (College Ambassadors), and SGA (Student Government Association).

Groups like the Film Production and AC Fit club cater to passions or hobbies of students, while the Finishers and VETACT (Veterans of Amarillo College Together) offer up support to student through encouragement and mentoring.

There are many benefits to being associated with a campus club or organization, mainly a chance to meet and interact with the diverse AC faculty and students.

Some clubs like Student Media give you a chance to actually work at the career that members hope to pursue with tasks such as the AC Current magazine, video features on The Ranger website, and The Ranger newspaper.

Other clubs address social and theological issues; the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) promotes an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance and groups like Baptist Students Ministry, Catholic Student Ministry, and P.E.A.C.E. Bible Study Club (Moore County campus) take on the spiritual needs of students.

The best thing that clubs offer here at AC is the chance to meet and interact with a new group of friends.

We do not think most students in our community have such an opportunity to engage in conversations with a broad array of ages, backgrounds, ethnic origins, and social and economic groups as afforded in our little cosmos of AC.

Some clubs even offer a chance to travel not only state- and national-wide but in an international level as well.

They organize competitions between organizations here on campus like the Club Clash and Badgerama and participate in state conventions.

The great thing about the clubs here at AC is that most are free and have very limited entrance requirements.

They can be found on ACConnect, through your course advisor, or student services.

The next time you hear the drone of your fellow students about the lack of activities here on campus, push back that wave of negative thought with a few of the examples laid out above, and remember it may take more effort to participate than complain but the reward is greater when you get involved.

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