Motorcyclist injured exiting AC parking lot

A man was injured by a security arm while exiting the parking lot behind Parcells Hall Thursday. Photo by: Allysia Fine, Online Editor

A motorcyclist was injured on campus leaving the parking lot behind Parcells Hall on Thursday. Witnesses said that the man was exiting the parking lot about 11:45 a.m. while the security arm was up.

His motorcycle stalled under the arm and as he tried to re-start the motorcycle, the security arm came down and hit him on the head, police said.

The Amarillo City Fire department, the Amarillo College Police Department and the Amarillo Police Department responded to the call after students made the accident report. The man received a cut to his head, a broken nose and was nearly knocked out.

The AFD wrapped his head with a bandage, but he was able to leave the scene on his Harley Davidson Road King.

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