REVIEW: God’s not dead: ‘very believable’

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With school pressing in and finals around the corner, it’s nice to take a little break and get away for an hour or two.

I have found movies are a good way to get that break from work, school and all the stress in between.

The movie I chose is God’s Not Dead.

The story is interesting; none of the characters in the movie know each other at first, yet they have a significant impact on each other’s lives through their choices.

It starts out showing students getting registered for classes for the semester. One particular student needs a philosophy class to get his basic classes done.

The professor of that class is a well-known atheist. The student is warned not to take the class – because he is a Christian.

He takes the class anyway and on his first day, the professor asks the class to sign a paper saying, “God is dead.”

The student stands his ground and says “no,” starting a conflict in the class.

Now he must present his case for God in front of the class and convince the class that God does exist.

While there are a few stories in this movie, the focus is more on the student and professor.

Each character has his or her own reason to believe – or not believe – in God.

The characters themselves are very believable. But I had problems with a few things.

The professor is incredibly biased against God and even goes so far as to threaten the student.

It’s somewhat unbelievable that the student didn’t report him, especially because he is a pre-law major.

I can see how it would change the movie if that did happen, but I still think it should have been changed to make it a little more believable.

Other than that, the movie is great.

Each story in the movie ends up tying together to finish it.

It does not have a fairy tale ending where everybody lives happily ever after.

Some facts of life are brought into this story that quite a few movies tend to shy away from and make the movie realistic to me.

I give this movie a pretty good recommendation.

If you do like movies that have a good feeling but also have a sense of reality, this is a good movie for you.

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