Student discovers love of film from app design

Photo by Allysia Fine | The Ranger Hope Stokes

Hope Stokes started her senior year of high school ready to leave and “be done with school.”

She expected paperwork and classes to sit through and one worksheet after the other.

Stokes describes what she got when she walked in the door as a change in direction.

“North Heights taught me that there is hope for our generation and that anyone can truly do what they want to do,” she said. “I went to classes with kids who I thought were going to punch me in the face at my old school, and now they were hugging me. It completely changed my outlook on education.”

Stokes found her focus at North Heights through research, writing and filming video for a student-developed app called “The Amarillo Tourism App: Where to Eat, Sleep, Play.”

Stokes and her team organized and edited information for the app that 100-plus students before them collected.

After the information had been organized, it then had to be “processed and patched together much like a puzzle.”

After the product was complete, her English teacher, Mark Williams, coached the students in selling the app and finding a market for it to fit into.

Stokes directed a promo video for the app and fell in love with filming and video editing.

She described the promotional video for the app as her baby.

“I love film because it allows people to see things through my eyes,” she said.

Before North Heights, Stokes never had had an opportunity to explore her newfound passions.

After graduation, she was offered a chance to intern at the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce.

After her internship, she earned the job of assistant of communications and digital assets for the chamber, where she works while attending Amarillo College.

“I was lucky to have had the opportunity to be in the last generation of students developing the app and would never want to take credit for other people’s work,” Stokes said.

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