Stepping away from the books

Perla Arellano | The Ranger J. Elkins, a graphic design major with the Command-Z Club, makes buttons for students attending Badgerama April 17.

Badgerama is a day when students get to take some time away from the books and those people who keep waking them up in class. There are games, food and every club supporting its cause. The band selected to play on this Badger-filled day was Nashville’s Mockingbird Sun.

Members consist of Charlie Berry, Brett Taylor and Truck Roley, and they have been together for four years. Their music sounds Texas Country, but lead singer Berry described it as “American music. We have big harmony, pop melodies. We sing songs of fabrics we see.”

With songs such as “Lucky Guy” and “My Hometown,” the band says its influences are bands such as the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, and they look up to songwriters such as Jackson Brown.

The band touches on many topics in its music. “Fun times, good times. Our songs are about hope, darkness, unemployment, we play for America,” Berry said.

“The fans can expect a good time when seeing the band do their thing. We like to think we are having a party and we invited everyone.”

The band has a music video out for “Lucky Guy” that shows the guys cutting up and exploring the road.

“In their music video for ‘Lucky Guy,’ they seem like they like to have fun,” said Michael Baeza, a general studies major.

The band travels all over Texas playing in places such as the University of Texas-Tyler, and they are no strangers to big venues such as when they played for 70,000 people in Omaha, Neb., for a concert that included acts such as Huey Lewis.

On May 10, they will do a show with Pat Green at the Elizabeth Toon Foundation in Dallas.

The band came to AC April 17 in its van, “Dreamcatcher: Spirit of the Horse Wind” as part of its college tour. The band played songs from its previous album and also gave out copies of its new album.

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