Love begins with yourself


Everybody is looking for love. Regardless if we realize it or not, love is what we all ultimately yearn for. Human beings spend copious amounts of time in the pursuit of love. We do everything we can – online dating, going out to clubs and bars – to find that perfect catch. So much time, effort and money is spent searching for the “right one.”

The truth is, before somebody else can be right with you, you have to be right with yourself. You have to make yourself a “catch.”

To make yourself a catch, first of all, you have to stop searching for a solution in the outside world. In order to be right with yourself, you have to focus inward and figure out what you really want and where you really are going in life.

Find your purpose and live it. Finding your purpose does not necessarily mean figuring out your entire life in one day. It simply means finding your purpose in this moment. Focus your attention on what is happening right now and allow yourself to respond naturally.

It is OK to plan for the future and remember the past, but don’t fear the future and live in the past. When you allow yourself to be present in this moment, the true you shines through and everybody, including your potential mate, will see that. More important, however, you will feel it – and that feeling – that feeling of being at peace with yourself and the world – is the feeling of self-love. Self-love is key. How can you expect anyone else to love you if you don’t love yourself?

So there is no simple answer, but you need to know and love yourself before you can expect somebody else to know you and love you (for the real you). Education is a good way to figure out who you are and what you want from life. So seize the opportunity. Every moment of every day, you have the capability to seize the moment and experience true self-love. You just have to reach out and take it.

Stay honest with yourself. Become aware of destructive patterns of thought or behavior, then do what you can in the moment to stop.

Become aware of positive patterns of thought or behavior, then do what you can in the moment to support them. Opportunities to change your life present themselves in every moment – so try your best to stay present in every moment.

The most important and absolute bottom line is this: find your purpose in every moment and act accordingly. The more you act accordingly, the happier you will be. The happier you are, the happier somebody else can be with you.

Robert Gauna can be contacted via email at Cody Dye is a guest writer.

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