BSM hosts Valentine’s Day event

By Andrew Souktakith

Ranger Reporter


Members of the Amarillo College Baptist Student Ministry group aren’t always looking to preach, convert, or study. On Feb. 13, they hosted an open Valentine’s event for AC students who may not have gone otherwise. The event is a spin-off of the West Texas A&M Valentine’s Day event.

“The girls would do a football party for the guys and the guys would do something for the girls,” said Tiffany Harris, BSM director of the WT event.

Harris came up with the idea for the AC event. She said the reason behind the idea was to reach out to students between the ages of 18 and 25 who don’t know Christ.

“You don’t need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to come,” says Harris. “A lot of people don’t have a valentine and we want to serve them through love in order that they would come to know Christ.”

Roman Fox, a leader for the men’s bible study, agreed.

“Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we want to build relationships with students of AC,” Fox said at the event.

Normally, BSM hosts “Worship and Chill Night” every Thursday, but the special event was a way to try and reach people who wouldn’t usually attend.

The night started with a prayer from Fox. Students gathered around red- and white-clothed tables decorated with lit candles, Hershey’s kisses and even some Fruit-by-the-Foot rolls.

A Rubik’s cube grabbed attention as it was passed between two people and was almost successfully solved. Attendees fellowshipped, laughed, and listened to the music playing. In the kitchen, the women made ice cream for dessert.

“Don’t go in the kitchen,” joked Andrew Messenger, a mass communication major and disc Jockey for FM90.

Baked ziti, chicken alfredo penne and garlic bread was offered for dinner, accompanied by unsweetened tea to wash it down. In addition to the homemade ice cream, peach cobbler and brownies were served for dessert.

“I hope above all that people have fun and see the love of Christ through BSM serving them,” Fox said.

The night also included a spoken message from Harris about Christ and love, movies and games.

“I really didn’t know anything about BSM,” said Galen Ely, a missionary and aviation major. “I’d see the fliers around campus talking about free lunch and decided to go one day.”

Ely plans on visiting places around the world that aren’t readily available to others because of the lack of roads. She said she likes the fellowship of BSM and the encouragement she receives from her friends there.

“It’s nice to be around fellow believers,” Ely said.

Members of BSM can be found at 2123 S. Van Buren Street, and said they always welcome new faces to join them. They host a free lunch day every Tuesday from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

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