Transfer Services prompts students to act now

By Amanda Castro-Crist



New semesters bring new classes, assignments and schedules. For many, thinking about what will follow their time at Amarillo College can wait until later.

“It’s only my first month,” said Anthony Paik, a music major.

Paik began as an AC student this semester. Though he plans to transfer to West Texas A&M University in a few semesters, he said for now, he’s focusing on classes.

Sammie Artho, associate director of advising services, said it’s a mistake that many students make.

“If you know from day one (where you’ll transfer), start planning then,” Artho said. “Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines: it would be really easy to miss one.”

Artho said depending on the school, students will face deadlines for everything from admission and financial aid to housing and scheduling. Dates vary according to programs, departments, semesters, whether a school is public or private and all sorts of other factors, she said.

The first step is contacting the school to which a student plans to transfer.

“Start with admissions and then get with the department,” Artho said. “Every school is different. Don’t assume anything: you have to know.”

Many times, the easiest way to begin the process is to visit a school’s website, Artho said. There, students can find information on application deadlines, transferring courses and tuition and housing costs.

A visit to the school also is something a student should consider, she said, because it can be an indicator of how a student and school will “fit.”

Students can get help starting the transfer process by visiting Advising Services in the Student Service Center. Tammy Hicks, an advising employee and general studies major, said department employees can answer questions and point students in the right direction.

“They do want to know what steps to take and what information they need before they go to Tech, WT or other places,” Hicks said. “We tell them to get their transcript from here and also call the university or college and ask what they will need.”

Another way students can jump-start the transfer process is by attending transfer events hosted on campus. Artho said the next event will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday in the first floor atrium of Byrd/Parcells Hall.

Representatives from at least 14 universities in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico will answer questions and provide information about transferring to their schools.

“Don’t procrastinate. Come to the event,” Artho said. “The beauty of the transfer event is that you get to meet with the university.”

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