OPINION: Sagging styles reveal careless character

 Keneniah Snyder
Keneniah Snyder

By Kenaniah Snyder

Ranger Reporter


There have been a lot of styles for guys. One of the more recent styles has been for males to sag their pants below the butt, showing off underwear.

I do not understand why guys do this. Maybe they do it to show off for women; maybe it’s for attention; maybe it’s just for the “fashion” of it.

To me, the only thing it says is that the guy is not taking his life seriously. It says he only wants to be one of the “cool crowd.” It says he only looks ahead for his next booty call.

The guy who does this doesn’t look for what the future will hold, only what the next paycheck holds.

With this trend, it seems to me there is a decline in the way men are – their very being. It says to me that they care less and less about themselves and more about what the culture says they should be.

Men are losing how they define themselves as men. Culture has begun to have a much larger hold on what men think about themselves. It has become hard for young men to try to be gentlemen.

Gentlemen have become such a thing of the past that we actually have to refer to them in past tense. We don’t assume it to be an act of kindness; it’s now just assumed to be a pick-up. It originally was assumed to be a taught thing – to open doors, to treat women with respect. Respect was first taught at a young age and was learned more deeply as a person got older.

America has lost that. Since guys “sag” to be cool, it tells me America has lost so much respect.

Respect is important to the cultural aspect of a society. With its loss, it just goes down from here.

Clothes are only an outward aspect of how we are as a people. Since clothes have started to become less modest in our culture, why should we keep going this way? Is cloth becoming too expensive?

We started to wear clothes to keep out the cold, to help protect us. Now they just restrict us in showing off what we define as “hot.”

It’s a sign of a loss.

People want to lose clothes. We are just interested in sex. Losing clothes started with women. Cleavage started getting bigger; dresses and skirts started to get shorter.

Seriously, are materials getting too expensive?

I think sagging is just the beginning with men. For men, it can only get worse from here.

Women started out with beautiful outfits. Now for this culture, so many young women hardly have anything on at all. Women started out much more conservative and have become so very downgraded. What is next for the men, then?

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