REVIEW: The Dark World offers no surprises

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By Buck Wayne Mayden

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Thor: The Dark World met all my expectations when it opened in theaters, but failed to go beyond them.

It can be watched in IMAX 3-D, which I don’t care for because 3-D movies give me a headache. It also capitalizes on the huge Marvel Comics franchise, which has taken the movie industry by storm.

This movie takes place after the Avenger movies and continues the love story from the first Thor movie between Thor and Jane Foster, an experimental physicist. The antagonists are ancient creatures from before the creation of the universe called Dark Elves. Their leader seeks a substance called “Ether” which has been discovered and is now in Jane Foster’s body. In order to save Jane from this substance, Thor takes her to Asgard, his home world. Asgard is one of nine dimensions that are aligning, giving the Dark Elves a perfect opportunity to unleash this Ether upon the universe.

In order to get the Ether, the Dark Elves invade Asgard and attempt to capture Jane and then retreat to their own dark dimension. To save Jane, and the universe, Thor must team up with his evil brother, Loki, who knows the only way to this dark dimension. Thor and Loki decide to take Jane there in order trick the Dark Elves into removing the Ether from her. Needless to say, they end up on Earth for the final show down between Thor and the leader of the Dark Elves.

The movie was very typical Marvel movie making: great CGI action, packed with A-list actors, and a decent storyline that roughly follows past adventures in the comic book series. The comedy is fair and frequent. The movie production has to make such an unbelievable impression on cynical American audiences to really get them to turn out in numbers for it to be considered a blockbuster. This sequel already had a lot of momentum going in that it easily hit blockbuster status during its first opening weekend.

That being said, this movie was predictable and failed to truly “wow” me. I give it 7 out of 10.

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