TEACH Club gets future educators involved

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 4.15.01 PMBy Raylyn Bowers

Ranger Reporter


TEACH Club is devoted to future educators. It is open to all education and child development majors.

TEACH Club works with the 21st Century Club to help with the after-school program, which was developed as an effort to keep students safe during the time after school ends and before their parents get off work.

“I am the first vice president of TEACH Club,” said Jaycee Smith via email. “My job consists of helping run meetings and presiding over things when need be.

“I enjoy TEACH Club because we fund a great education major scholarship, help education and child development majors become more familiarized with the industry and the community and we try to get involved in as many community services as possible.

“This club has helped me see that this is truly the profession I want to be in and has given me numerous advantages toward my career as a future teacher.”

TEACH Club worked on an activity for San Jacinto Elementary School that was planned for Wednesday and on a club raffle.

The raffle will be conducted at the end of the semester. Members are selling tickets for $5, and participants will be entered into a drawing to win gift cards and various other items. The proceeds will go to the Bruce Beck Education Scholarship.

“We work in schools with students as a group of future educators,” said Rochelle Fouts, a child development instructor.

TEACH Club meets from noon to 1 p.m Thursdays in 112 Warren Hall.

Anyone interested can sign up for emails and information in 113 Durrett Hall.

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