Letters to the editor: “Perhaps I love eating ‘processed, fat-ridden’ food”

In response to the Oct. 24 editorial, “Even elementary schools have a cafeteria”:

Are you kidding me?

I suppose while we are are at it, we suggest we get passing grades in every class without doing any work.

This is the real, grown-up world. If you do not want the vending machine food, do not purchase it. And where is the other side to this?

Perhaps I love eating this “processed, fat-ridden” food?

You do not get the right to deny anyone an unhealthy option by asking the administrators to not renew contracts that leaves us who like vending machine food without.

And by the way, burgers, pasta, burritos and “Asian” food have a high likelihood of being processed and fat-ridden.

It is up to the individual to make proper health choices as they see fit.

Asking an institution to change because someone cannot get what they want in itself is a bit pompous. But to do it because Johnny and Susie are tired of the food is beyond ridiculous.

A lush variety of the foods mentioned in the article, burgers, wraps and chicken, will not make a better student. The student will make him or herself a better
student, not the ingestion of any particular meal.

–Jonathan Espinoza

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