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“It was a cold night,” Joy the medic said.

“If someone was injured, we had to get out the …” Janet, the other medic, said.

“… First aid kit,” Joy said. There weren’t any severe injuries.

“They lost a leg,” Janet said.

The zombie challenge was Oct. 18. More than 200 people participated in the event.

“Students, faculty and friends of students participated in the zombie challenge,” said J.R. Norman, an intramurals specialist.

The challenge had three obstacle courses in which Student Government Association members dressed as zombies. As each team tried to complete the obstacle courses, the zombies chased them for their flesh.

Participants were put in groups. Each group was given a map. The team had to strategize together and look out for one another. At the first obstacle course, each team had to complete five volleyball serves. The room was filled with darkness. In the dark lurked the zombies. They came out of nowhere and snatched the flags.

Each individual wore two flags used from flag football. If a zombie pulled off one flag, that person lost a leg and then had to hobble on one good leg. If the person lost both flags, the person was considered dead and the team had to carry him to safety.

In between the obstacles were checkpoints where the medics revived the dead. The medics were members of AC’s wellness committee.

“If they lost a leg, they had to do 10 pushups,” said Janet Barton, a classified employee. “But if they were completely dead, they had to do 15 situps and 15 pushups to get their flags back.”

The zombie challenge was Norman’s idea. Instead of running the 5K this semester, Norman chose to have an obstacle course filled with zombies. Universities such as Texas Tech University do the zombie challenge. This was the first time AC has had an obstacle course zombie challenge.

“It was a trial-and-error,” Norman said. “It went well.”

Trena Rider, an intramurals specialist, Joy Brenneman, an executive assistant, and Barton agreed the challenge had a good turnout.

SGA member Keytan Callery, a biology major, also was a zombie in the challenge. He said his favorite part of the challenge was chasing the participants.

“I probably got about 15,” Callery said. “It was hard trying to get the flags and having them move around.”

The purpose of the zombie challenge was to “stay fit and stay alive,” said Norman. He saidthe goal was to push and challenge participants.

Norman said he wants to get the community to get involved. Proceeds go to the AC wellness department to support AC intramural sports.

In the spring, there will be another event with a different theme. Students can watch their email for more information.

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