Blue Blazers uphold Badger tradition

Graphic by Hannah Overton


Graphic by Hannah Overton
Graphic by Hannah Overton

By Shelby Koontz

Ranger Reporter


The Blue Blazers are one of Amarillo College’s longstanding traditions.

A Blue Blazer is a nominated AC student who has had a minimum of nine college hours of classes and

maintains at least a 2.5 GPA.

“The Blue Blazers are the student ambassadors for Amarillo College,” said Heather Atchley, Student

Life director. “They are heavily trained on the history of Amarillo College itself, they are trained on

leadership skills, responsibility and also their communication skills.”

During the nomination process Amber Brookshire, recruitment coordinator for the Blue Blazers, works

side by side with Atchley. They are the two in charge of gathering the information from faculty members

who have nominated students to become Blue Blazers.

“Heather and I have always been a team when it comes to selecting the top 14 for the Blue Blazers,”

Brookshire said. “We do all of the training together, all of the paper work, and we are also the ones to

contact them once we have finally made up our minds.”

One of the main duties a Blue Blazer member has to uphold is giving tours to incoming students and

to high school seniors looking for a college. That is where the member’s training on the history of the

campus comes into play.

“So far this year I have already given six tours,” said Viviana Whatley, an occupational therapy major and

a Blue Blazer. “It’s hard to believe, because this is only the first semester.

“Since I enrolled in the fall semester of 2011, I have learned a great amount about the campus and the

college as whole.”

The Blue Blazers meet once a month in the College Union Building and sign up with Atchley for activities

where they will do service. Services could include seating guests at a small lecture to working a major

function at the Amarillo Civic Center.

With four returning Blue Blazers from last year, there were 10 new members this year.

The four returning members are Josh Blashill, Trey Jimenez, Chaysen Viner and Viviana Whatley.

The 10 new members are Gavin Goodin, Bobby Clift, Michael Steelman, Kimberly Murguia, Angel Foster,

Stephanie Mercado, Jasmine Vega, Jasmine Johnson, Martin Gutierrez and Ty Lemaster.

For more information about the Blue Blazers, students may contact the following sponsors:

Heather Atchley
College Union Building 005
(806) 371-5303

Amber Brookshire
Student Service Center 151B
(806) 371-5022

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