Sports Corner: Week five flag football scores determine tournament games

Flag football scores for Oct. 10:

Spartans vs. Legacy 26-20

U.O.E. No vs. Gators 18-13

AC Cougar Babies vs. Los Aztecs 21-20

Highclazz vs. Legacy 14-12

Hawkins Squad vs. That One Team 25-6

All Balls vs. Free Agents 32-6

Los Aztecs vs. U.O.E. No 20-6

AC Cougar Babies vs. That One Team 13-0

Spartans vs. Hawkins Squad 24-14

Gators vs. Free Agents 6-0

Records going into tournament play at 3:30 p.m. Oct. 17:

U.O.E. No 6-1

Gators 7-1

Los Aztecs 5-2

All Balls 5-3

AC Cougar Babies 5-2

Hawkins Squad 4—4

That One Team 3-5

Highclazz 3-3

Legacy 2-5

Free Agents 0-8

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