SPORTS CORNER: Week three of flag football shows no mercy

Photo by Quintin Marquez  Amanda O'Donnell poses after scoring a touchdown for That One Team.
Photo by Quintin Marquez
Amanda O’Donnell poses after scoring a touchdown for That One Team.

By Quintin Marquez

Multimedia reporter


This week the football field was intense and drier than last week. The AC Cougar Babies battled the out-numbered High Class team and showed no mercy. That One Team had a rematch with Legacy, but this time came short of the victory. That One Team had an amazing run made by star receiver Amanda O’Donnell, who ran 80 yards for the teams only touchdown. The Gators showed they were the big boys on the field by beating the AC Cougars Babies and doing so in great fashion. U.O.E. No beat the winless Spartans who, despite their best effort, could not pull out the win. Los Aztecs showed off their own custom new shirts while beating the Hawkins Squad.


Next week the two unbeaten teams, The Gators and Los Aztecs, will play to see who is the king of the field. Come out to support your classmates and watch them duel it out on the field every Thursday. Games start at 5:30 p.m. You cannot win if you do not compete.

U.O.E. No vs. Free Agents 48-15

AC Cougar babies vs. High Class 28-0

Legacy vs. That One Team 25-7

Gators vs. AC Cougar Babies 26-12

U.O.E. No vs. Spartans 26-0

Los Aztecs vs. Hawkins Squad 26-21

Los Aztecs vs. All Balls 20-6

Hawkins Squad vs. Spartans 20-6

Gators vs. That One Team 18-7

High class vs. Free Agents 22-6


Gators: 4-0

Los Aztecs: 4-0

U.O.E. No: 3-0

Hawkins Squad: 3-1

AC Cougar Babies: 2-2

All Balls: 2-2

That One Team: 2-2

High class: 1-3

Legacy: 1-3

Spartans: 0-4

Free Agents: 0-4

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