Chemistry Club focuses on appreciation of science

By Vanessa Garcia

Opinion page editor


Interested in chemistry? The chemistry club meets every other week on Thursdays at noon. In every meeting, club members will discuss future outreach activities and field trips.

The supervisors are physical science instructor Emery Shier, chemistry instructor Mark Shadix, chemistry instructor Jennifer Rabson and P-T instructor Angela Gwyn.

Club activities include visiting labs, reaching out to students and learning what chemists do in the real world. The chemistry club also includes game nights and movie nights.

The next meeting will be Thursday, September 26 in Warren hall room 201 at noon.

Shadix said 17 to 22 students are a part of the club. Students’ schedules and commitments to other clubs or committees keep them from joining.

Last semester, the chemistry club went on two lab tours. They visited the labs at Asarco and the Excel labs. The club did two outreach events at the Don Harrington Discovery Center and at Whittier Elementary School. The club ended last semester with a game night.

Shadix wants to continue with volunteering and visiting labs this semester.

“I’d really like to go to a lab that is not local,” Shadix said.

He has his eye on two labs so far: Asarco’s new lab and a lab used by the city. He wants the students to observe the water treatment at the lab used by the city since it will tie in with the common reader, Wine to Water.

Shadix said he wants his students to get an idea of what chemistry is like outside of AC. He wants them to appreciate what chemists do.

“It’s neat to see what chemists do in real jobs,” Shadix said.

He said making connections at the labs is important. He wants students to learn what is going on in science in today’s world. He wants them to understand where science is today. He wants them to see how chemistry is used in today’s world.

“You are doing that,” Shadix said. “Now you get to do this.”

You don’t have to be a chemistry major or be good at chemistry to join the club. That’s not what the chemistry club is about. Shadix wants club members to join to grow an appreciation of chemistry and science.

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