1. wow, how ever so slanted. This Admin will be a great reporter… i mean "journalist" as they prefer to be called. Good job. I applaud to you. One of your choices should have been I can never find a parking space in the parking lot unless i show up before 7am or after 2pm.

  2. Also, "AC drivers are awesome!"? Don't be so sure. For the most part, they are on par with the average Amarillo driver. The average Amarillo driver, however, is not so "awesome". There have been no wrecks yet that I know of, but I feel some of the students still need a little more practice getting acclimated with the boundaries of their vehicles.

  3. I drive from Pampa, (which is about an hour drive) and I never park in the parking lot. I usually have to park in front of someone's house and walk a couple of blocks to get to class. That doesn't bother me at all and I always get to class on time. 🙂 Also, I don't like the parking lot by the radio station. It needs to be repainted or set up so that the lanes are all one-way.

  4. This poll seems a bit sarcastic as it should be. Parking is terrible but I believe the school has done the best with the resources they have. They are land locked, and it doesn't hurt us to walk.

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