REVIEW: ‘Identity Thief’ steals your money and time

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Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in Identity Thief.
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Photo courtesy of www.austinchronicle.comMelissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman in Identity Thief

We all are cautious about who we give our personal information to. That, however, isn’t a problem to Diana, a conniving identity thief, played by Melissa McCarthy in the new comedy, Identity Thief.

In the movie, Diana enjoys all the finer things in life at someone else’s expense. She obtains others’ information to create credit cards and IDs to rack up thousands of dollars of debt – that is, until she decides to use the identity of a man with an unusual name, Sandy Patterson, played by Jason Bateman.

That is the point when Sandy sets off on a mission to find whoever is responsible for ruining his good name. He tracks her down and convinces her to help him clear his name, and in return he will not call the police.

The movie is about the adventures they encounter throughout their trip. It has its funny moments, and at times it is emotional and touching. There also is some action, because Diana has made some not-so-good enemies – enemies who want her dead.

As you watch the movie, you see another side of Diana. Just as she can be a deceitful liar, she can be a pretty compassionate person.

As Sandy begins to befriend the enemy, it really makes you wonder what her punishment should be. At the end, she redeems herself and finds a way to become a productive member of society.


With the plot, you would think the movie would be great, but it doesn’t meet the status of its director’s predecessor, Horrible Bosses.

I was kind of disappointed. The comedy failed to deliver what the audience was expecting: a laugh-out-loud, funny movie.

Identity Thief does have its funny scenes, but overall, the script is a little too dry. The best part of the movie is the performance of McCarthy; she manages to keep you entertained throughout the whole movie.

My advice is, if you are expecting a super funny movie like The Hangover, keep looking. Watch the movie if you happen to run across it, but don’t go out and spend money on it.

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