REVIEW: Twicebroken not broken

Rock band ‘dares listeners to stay in their seats’ with its energetic music

Twicebroken’s first album has a little of everything for rock fans.

Rock music comes in diverse forms – punk, metal, soft, alternative and many more as it continues to grow every day. There is a particular band whose CD simply must be checked out. It is kind of hard to nail down what type of rock band it is.

It is Twicebroken, and in the debut album of the same name, the members show you lyrically what type of band they are. They are rock, pure and simple.

The lyrics in these songs are so relatable that no matter what kind of rock you like, you can identify with them. This album has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Intense stories of loss while moving forward can be found with driving guitars in “Already Gone” and “Walkin’ Away.” A power ballad tale of undying love is told in “Fall to Pieces” as well as a stand-strong-when-love-is-gone song with “It’s Only Pain.”

Then there are the mission statement, fast-paced anthems of “Our Time to Rise” and “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” that dare listeners to try to stay in their seats while these highly energetic songs blast ahead at full steam.

The band hails from Wichita Falls but has toured around and has come as close as Lubbock.

Twicebroken consists of Aaron Mullin on the keys and lead vocalist, Bryan Crowe as lead guitarist and backup vocalist, Brandt Holmes on guitar and backup vocals, Nick Knowles on bass and Billy Pennington on drums.

Under Shadow Entertainment and with the help of their agent Bobby Siekkinen, the guys are in the studio at work on their next album, according to Mullin.

“I’m really excited to start getting busy,” he said. “This year promises to be our busiest yet. I think we are poised to make a huge jump.”

In case you couldn’t tell, I love this band and cannot recommend it enough. You can follow Twicebroken on Facebook and Twitter for more information on live shows and events.

The self-titled album is available on iTunes, and a few songs will be playing soon on Amarillo College’s radio station, FM90.

Twicebroken’s new, currently untitled album is due out this year, Mullin said.

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