Honors Program, Hereford campus get Giuliani funds

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Money that Amarillo College received from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s October appearance in Amarillo will be disbursed throughout the college campuses, mainly the Hereford Campus and the Honors Program, said Judy Carter, Honors Program coordinator.
In honor of its 100th anniversary, the Underwood Law Firm invited Giuliani to Amarillo to speak about leadership.
The event took place Oct. 16 at the Amarillo Civic Center. Tickets were sold for seats at the dinner. Carter and several AC Honors Program students were among those attending the event.
“The proceeds were split between Center City and Amarillo College,” Carter said.
Alan Rhodes from the Underwood Law Firm gave $33,000 to AC from the event, while Center City received $125,000. Carter explained that the Honors Program plans to use its portion of the money to fund the program’s mission. “Our mission is to help successful students excel,” she said.
Honors courses move quickly so students have time for enrichment activities, which range from biology students attending a surgery to English students viewing a play and even a trip to China next summer.
“I am the initiator of requesting funds,” Carter said. “We asked for more money this year because of China.” The Honors Program definitely got what it asked for.
Before the lecture, the Underwood Law Firm and Lubbock Christian University hosted a pre-lecture reception for AC honors students and sophomore nursing students.
“At the pre-lecture reception, they announced AC would receive $25,000 in scholarships for students transferring to Lubbock Christian University,” Carter said.
Carter described Giuliani’s visit as an incredible experience for her honors students.
“It was wonderful to have him discuss leadership qualities that our students strive for,” she said.
Sterling Schaeffer, a biology major who attended the event, said it was incredible to meet such an important political figure.
“The crowd was so excited to have such a prestigious and incredibly intelligent speaker,” she said.
Laura Gonzalez, a petroleum engineering major, attended the event and sat with Giuliani during the dinner. “The best part was that this event brought Amarillo College and the Honors Program $33,000 in funds,” she said.
Gonzalez expressed much appreciation toward Rhodes. “It was inspiring to witness some of the top community leaders take action toward a great cause,” she said. “All was done in an effort to support honors students and help them gain access to exercise their full potential by helping fund a lot of what the Honors Program does.”
Thanks to the generosity of the Underwood Law Firm and LCU, AC Honors Program students will continue to excel academically through various enrichment activities.
The Honors Program consists of students with at least a 3.0 grade point average.

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