Safety on campus

By Hannah Houser
Ranger Reporter

Snowed with homework, projects and papers, staying safe on campus at Amarillo College may not be at the forefront of students’ minds, but it is an issue that should be given some thought.

Joseph Marcum, a physical therapy assistant major, said he thinks AC police do a good job of monitoring the campus, but he doesn’t see many officers on campus at night.

“I don’t feel unsafe,” Marcum said, “but it’s usually pretty deserted.”

Allie Reed, a general studies major, said she feels safe on campus but that she does not follow any particular safety precautions.

Officer Darryl Moore of the Amarillo College Police Department said that especially at night, students should buddy up while walking to their cars.

Because students don’t always have the luxury of parking close, Moore suggests that if one student is parked close, other classmates can car-pool with that student to their parking spots.

However, if students find themselves in a position where they will have to walk to their car alone and they feel uneasy about it, there is no need to panic. Students can call the campus police and ask for an escort at 806-371-5163.

If a student is walking alone at night and feels uneasy for any reason, Moore said the student should not ignore that feeling.

“Go back where you came from, call a friend over. Whatever you do, don’t ignore that ‘sixth sense,’” Moore said.

“Stay away from shrubs and trees and overgrowth or other parked cars, even if that means you have to walk in the middle of the sidewalk,” Moore said. “Don’t put yourself in a place where somebody could be hiding, but stay aware.”

“If you get to your car, don’t just get in your car. Look in the back seat, look on the floorboard, and once you get in your car, lock the door. Don’t sit in that spot for 30 minutes on your phone. Go ahead and start your car and get out of the area.”

Because there are a few officers and several thousand students and staff members, Moore said students are the police’s eyes and ears.


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