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Amarillo College is filled with interesting students, and one is Vahid. He requested for personal reasons that his last name not be used. Vahid majors in business marketing, but his ultimate passion is making music. He originally is from Fort Worth and now lives in Amarillo. When it comes to school, Vahid is focused.

“As much as I love to make music,I have not made much lately because school comes first,” he said.

Not only does Vahid make music, he writes and helps direct videos. In late October, he will be shooting a video
and hopes to get a lot of support from AC students by featuring students in the video.

Vahid is passionate when it comes to his goals. He said he believes in himself, which keeps him filled with confidence. “I like rapping for the people, and that’s who I make my music for,” he said.

Vahid came to college to further his education and to finish his degree. “School is my newfound passion,” he
said. “I feel like I belong here.” He has traveled to several cities performing his music, shooting his videos and selling his albums independently. You can locate some of Vahid’s music on iTunes.

Before Vahid came back to school, he was fully focused on music. He had numerous articles written about him in local newspapers, but he knew he needed to finish his education to get where he wants to be in life.

“Vahid is a very motivated guy, and he is also a great artist,” said Paym Khamisi, another AC student.

“AC has been good to me,” Vahid said. “I’ve learned so much in the time that I have been here. I really appreciate my school.

The hard- working Vahid who is so thrilled to be in school plans to use his degree to be in business one day, either for himself or working in management.

He just knows he wants to be successful at being a businessman.

He said he wants to be able to create positive paths for himself and for others around him and do something
major with his future.

“Vahid is a sweet guy, and he is not arrogant like a lot of other local upandcoming rappers in Amarillo,” said
student Kimberly Torres.

When talking to Vahid, you get the idea that he’s a young man who knows what he wants to do with his life and
that he will be even more successful down the road.

He said he understands that school comes first and that you have to be focused.

“I have a lot of people to thank,” he said.

“AC gave me a chance to further my education, and a friend named Chris Levario, who directed some of my videos and taught me something new in life, just like AC did.”

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