Students want actions, not words

Courtesy ImageAmarillo College students talk about the upcoming presidential election.

Students at Amarillo College have different expectations for the next president of the United States. They each consider certain characteristics when deciding on whom to vote for.

“It’s not so much being charismatic, but more like being a good leader that actually can get things done,” said Aaron Rudd, an aerospace manufacturing major. Rudd said a president should follow up on his word that he gives to Americans on his campaign trail.

Rudd is not the only one who wants to see action instead of hearing words from the next leader.

“Actions speak louder than words, and I think that if you’re going to tap a position of power, you should use it to better our nation,” said Talana Power, a liberal arts major.

Power’s expectations include improvement of the economy. She said she has observed that many people are struggling financially. “Our small, working, everyday people are suffering, so I think he needs to focus on the everyday people, because we are the majority of the nation,” she said.

According to, the current national debt has reached more than $16 trillion and still is rising. It amounts to every U.S. citizen being $51,057 in debt.

Others want to see a decrease in the nation’s debt.

Kim Torres, an American sign language major, is one of those who expec the president to lower the debt, but not by taking more out of people’s checks or taking away from the elderly’s disability checks to pay for it.

Torres doesn’t just hope for action; she analyzes what the candidates already have done.

“I like to see what they have done before,” Torres said. “I like to know what their past deeds were while they were in office and what their intentions are, not just their promises.”

Not everyone will have the same expectations, but one thing that is constant is a desire for change. AC students want to see action.

“I don’t like to be reeled in by words alone,” Torres said.

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