Restaurant Review: Buffalo Wild Wings

Get into the spirit of fall and football at Buffalo Wild Wings.

By Cameron Barnes
Ranger Reporter

Buffalo Wild Wings. By Bailie Myers

Football season is here, and that means watching the game with your friends and maybe having a few drinks. Why crowd your friends into a small living room when you could be enjoying the game comfortably from a table full of delicious food?

If watching your favorite sports involves big screen TVs and freshly cooked wings, then Buffalo Wild Wings is the place for you.

Once you step into the restaurant, you are greeted by a host and served promptly. There is a full bar for customers age 21 and over if you want to enjoy the game with a drink.

The restaurant is kid-friendly as well, with arcade games children and adults can enjoy. Once seated, you can tell this restaurant was designed with sports in mind. Countless television sets surround the walls displaying different sporting events.

Usually, the event that will bring a big crowd will be showing on the projectors. There are at least two projectors per room, so no matter what side of the table you sit on, you can have a comfortable view of the event. Watching games in this setting rather than at home is more social as you hear the opinions of the other customers cheering on their team or yelling at the opponent.

The atmosphere is a definite five stars, but the food might be a hit or a miss when it comes to satisfying my taste buds. I have developed a cardinal rule whenever I order food from BWW: “You can’t go wrong with the wings.”

On several occasions, I have ordered other food such as burgers, quesadillas or the chicken wrap. More than half the time I don’t order wings, I regret it because the food is half cooked or just not appealing at all. As far as the food in general goes, I would give it about two stars, but the wings are a for-sure five stars.

When you order wings, you can choose from 16 sauce flavors, anywhere from Sweet to Blazin’. The flavors I always get and recommend are Caribbean Jerk if you want a good spicy kick but not too much, or Honey BBQ if you want something mild and slightly sweet.

The best times to go generally are during the weekends at night. Some days of the week have specials to attract people during the week. On Tuesdays, wings with bones are only 50 cents, and Thursday boneless wings are only 60 cents each.

BWW does not deliver, but you can call in and order take-out. I have used the take-out service countless times. It is super convenient, and the food always is ready to pick up in about 10 minutes after I call.

The food prices are decent, but soft drink and beer prices are a little higher than other places in town. I tend to just order food to go without a drink and end up paying anywhere from $5 to $7. An average meal with a regular drink generally will be $7 to $11. Service at BWW is decent but definitely could improve.

Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the top 10 fastest growing restaurant chains in the country, and Amarillo has two locations. The first BWW to open is located on 5416 S. Coulter, and the newest one is located on 9511 I-40 East.

Don’t just watch the next game; experience the game with your friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.

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