Editorial: Know your school

Amarillo College has a lot to offer for students who want to get involved.

Staff Editorial

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Illustration by Stephanie Perez

If asked to define school spirit, no doubt students would have a million different ideas and definitions. Some might say sporting the school colors or supporting the teams on campus.

If students were asked how they could show school spirit at Amarillo College, however, the answers might require a little more thought.

The fact of the matter is that AC may not have a football team to scream for in below freezing temperatures. And we may not have a band with tons of tradition or awards. Despite all that, AC still boasts many ways to be involved and truly show pride in what our school has to offer.

AC provides many ways for students to get involved, ranging from intramural sports all the way to student government. The real trick is actually finding the desire to represent your school.

If you want to help plan Badgerama or Fallfest, or you just love knowing what’s going on around campus and meeting new people, then the Student Government Association, (better known as SGA) probably is for you.

If you played ball in high school and just can’t seem to let it go, then get involved in AC intramurals. Flag football, basketball and even dodgeball are just a few of the sports where AC students can come together to compete. Tournaments are provided to give students a way to let off that competitive edge. It’s also a great way to get know your peers.

Some of you might even have that nose for news, as they say, and want to share that with the rest of the campus. AC boasts two student publications, The Ranger and AC Current. Both are written by students and are more great ways to get involved with life at AC. If you have ideas for stories, share them. Create the buzz to help others get involved.

Those are just a few examples of the many clubs and organizations that AC provides to its students. School spirit can mean so many different things, and fortunately, AC has its fair share of ways to get involved. For a full list of all the many organizations AC offers, be sure to visit the school’s website (www.actx.edu) and do some research on what is offered. Get involved, meet new people and show school spirit. Don’t let the time pass by without realizing all the exciting opportunities AC offers its students every day.

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