Photo Club to celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Day

Image by Don Caviness

Compiled by The Ranger Staff

Image by Don CavineRanger Staff

The Amarillo College Photo Club plans to celebrate Worldwide Pinhole Day April 29 by hosting a free workshop in honor of the event, which will be open to all AC students.

“We hope students will come join us to learn about pinhole photography,” said photography instructor Rene’ West.

The workshop will be from noon to 6 p.m. on the third floor of Parcells Hall on the Washington Street Campus. Students are encouraged to stop by anytime throughout the afternoon to learn about pinhole photography and create their own images with the assistance of Photo Club members.

According to, pinhole photography is lensless photography. A tiny hole for light to pass through replaces the lens. As the light filters through the hole, an image is formed in the camera.

Pinhole images are softer than pictures made with a lens, according to the website. The images also have a much more extensive depth of field.

West said students who plan to attend the workshop should search pinhole photography for ideas and graphic elements to use for their project at the workshop.

Pinhole images created at the workshop will be posted online for pinhole photographers around the world to see at, West said.

“This is the first time we are doing this, but we hope to make it a tradition and do this every year,” she said.

Photo by Andria Keelin

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