Vagueness leads to questions about new bill



By Taylor Anderson



IMAGINE YOU are sitting in your house on Super Bowl Sunday, enjoying the big game; when your front door is kicked open and members of the United States armed forces storm in guns drawn.

They are there to detain you or a member of your family for violating laws under the National Defense Authorization Act that Barack Obama signed into law on Dec. 31, 2011.

Sections 1031 and 1032 of the bill it allows for indefinite detention of U.S. citizens by U.S. armed forces, without due process.

The NDAA is very vague in its wording, and it is unclear what constitutes as breaking the laws of the bill.

It defines U.S. soil as now being part of the war on terrorism, essentially proclaiming the U.S. as a battleground.

The bill states terrorists as the main target.

It is unclear though what the bill declares as a terrorist, stating that those who oppose the government are subject to being detained.

Opposing the government could be something as simple as being an anti-war protestor such as the movement of many during Vietnam.

Were those protestors defined as terrorists? If not why should it change?

Why continue to strip the citizens of their rights? It is a scary bill that leaves one to wonder if they could be targeted next.

Can a citizen support the Occupy movement? Under the wording of the law now, you can’t, unless you want to be targeted for indefinite enrollment into a military encampment.

When did U.S. citizens become the target of the war on terror? When did America become a battleground?

We the people continue to sit around and let the government rip our very rights from our fingertips with every NDAA that passes.

It is our duty as citizens to not sit around, as the powers at be, destroy the freedoms that have made this country the elite place it is.

Our government will continue to abuse their positions, to gain power as long as the country sleeps and would rather catch the new episode of the Jersey Shore.

It’s almost as if the drama of reality TV shows, have replaced our passion for protecting the very rights that allow us to sit on the couch and watch such shows.

Its’ time to wake up and protest a bill that could correctly be defined as implementing martial law.

The government is power hungry and are slowly giving themselves more power everyday by signing bills such as the NDAA.

Tell a friend and spread the word about what our government is doing as we sleep.

Just be careful though. Don’t be the first person targeted when the NDAA takes effect on Nov. 5.

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