Food pantry opening for students in need

Illustration by Brittney Richerson

By Madilyn Newsome

Ranger Reporter


Illustration by Brittney Richerson

An Amarillo College faculty member , is stepping up to help students who are struggling financially.

Lynae’ Jacob, department chair of speech communications and recent recipient of the Badger of Honor award, is starting a food bank for AC students in need.

The goal is to keep students in school when they are facing financial hardships, said Karen Logan administrative clerk for the department, who is helping Jacob with the food pantry project.

“When we have students that are already struggling getting to and from school, we don’t want them having to choose whether or not they use the money to eat or use that for gas for getting to school,” Logan said.

She said the food pantry service will be based on an as-needed basis for each student with a maximum of two times monthly.

Students, faculty or community members can donate to the cause.

“Food is a good thing, everyone needs it, so of course I plan to contribute,” said Monique Dupuis, assistant professor of mathematics. “I am so excited that somebody has thought to do this. I think that it is just wonderful.”

To donate money to the food pantry, checks can be written out to the Amarillo Foundation and notated that it is for the benefit of AC’s pantry. Donations to the pantry are tax deductible.

The pantry also is in need of volunteers willing to shop for groceries and stock the pantry shelves.

“Hopefully soon we will be scheduling times and dates for any other students who are interested in getting involved to help us out,” Logan said.

Delta Psi Omega, Student Government Association and the Honors Program have committed to volunteering and helping the food pantry.

“The whole point of everything is to keep our students in school,” Jacob said. “If this is something that gets someone through a hump and keeps him or her in school, then that’s our goal. Food costs money, gas costs money – AC’s pantry is offering help to those who would otherwise have to make a choice.”

AC is looking into all support services to make them easily available to students who may be looking for things such as lower rent apartments, food services or childcare.

“There is a website being put together for student needs that you can visit at,” Logan said.

Students also can get in touch with Logan and Jacob through the website.


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