Students prepare for next semester

By Nikki Larkan

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Students are preparing for the next semester, and many things need to be done before classes start.

Spring classes will begin Jan. 17, and the payment deadline is Jan. 5.

Students can use the payment plan offered by Amarillo College to cover the cost of classes. The first payment is due Jan. 5, the second payment is due Feb. 17 and the final payment is due March 23.

Leslie Priest, an AC customer service specialist, said students can visit WebAdvisor to register for classes and pay online using a check, debit or credit card.

“Getting started early is the best advice I can give,” Priest said.

She said students have a better selection of classes to choose from and they will know the cost of tuition early.

Kay Mooney, financial aid director, said students still can apply for student aid but that there is no promise aid and payment will be in place by the payment deadline.

“We try really hard to get them done,” she said.

“Students can apply for federal aid through,” said Mary Ann Reed, a financial aid assistant.

“There is a general scholarship through the Amarillo College Foundation office.”

Reed said financial aid applications typically are done for the fall and spring semesters. Students can apply for financial aid or learn more about it at

Students already should have met with their advisers to be greenlighted for registration.

Students also are seeing advisers to review their degree plans and determine their academic standing.

Students can check with instructors before the semester begins to find out what textbooks and materials will be needed for a class. Students can get books from the AC Bookstore on the Washington Street Campus, West Campus or online. Books also can be purchased from other websites.

Dakota Aston, a mechanical engineering major, said he rents his books online at

Books also can be rented or purchased from www.ama­, or

Students who plan to get their books from the bookstore should plan to do so as early as possible to avoid books being sold out.


Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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