Local music scene struggles

Photo by Joshua Wagner


Photo by Joshua Wagner

While Amarillo is not necessarily known for its music scene, it is not completely non-existent.

There actually are two almost completely separate music scenes in town: metal/hardcore and singer/songwriters.

The larger of the two groups is the metal/hardcore scene. Metal shows can be found around town at least once a week.

Many of the bands have developed quite a following: Moments Till Fall, Six Gun Serenade and Goon News For the Oppressors. All three of those bands are recording albums in studios around the country.

For info on metal shows, visit facebook.com/loudimage, check out the War Legion Underground on Facebook or follow venues such as the Nat Ballroom or EBGBs.

Amarillo also is home to many singers and songwriters.

Merri Palmer, for example, has a recorded album and has played at South by Southwest in Austin the past several years.

Check out www.acranger.com to hear her song, “Unusual Scars.” This particular version was recorded in Amarillo College’s very own FM90 studio.

To hear some good, live music, hang out at the 806 coffee shop on Sixth Street after 9 p.m. Wednesdays. It’s open mic night, so there always is a variety of performers.

While Amarillo has a definite music scene, it is in trouble. Venues such as the Sorority House, Klub Kaos and the War Legion have closed down.

“The music scene in Amarillo is stumbling because the venues are closing down,” said Dusty Blevins, a local musician. “But in a sense, the scene is still going cause we’re still finding places to play.”


Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2011

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