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Image by Tanner Willis

By Kelly Neill

Most people aren’t too worried about the prospect of zombies taking over the world.

For those of you who are, however, preparation is everything.

Survivors need to have a kit packed away with all the necessities, which probably should be kept in a Cold War-era bomb shelter or maybe just in an available basement.

To make sure survival happens, your zombie preparedness kit needs to have plenty of non-perishable foods, bottles of water, flashlights, weapons and ammo.

Unfortunately, basic college classes like math and English haven’t properly prepared us for survival in the post-apocalyptic world.

That can be remedied quickly by continuing your education at Amarillo College.

Many of the continuing education classes at AC teach practical skills that are useful in life outside school – especially if that life is filled with zombies.

Continuing education classes teach everything from how to use solar power to power your house to how to hunt.

For the smart survivor who doesn’t want to alert zombies with the sounds of gunfire, there are courses in archery or Japanese swordsmanship.

From AC you can go anywhere, including the post-apocalyptic world.

If zombies have taken over the world, most power plants probably won’t be up and running.

But people whose houses are powered by alternative energy sources like solar and wind won’t have to worry about fueling generators. Even though the world would be overrun with zombies, it still would be important to minimize the carbon footprint left behind.

Marksmanship and proper gun safety will be critical in the post-apocalyptic world. Through AC continuing education, students can learn not only those important skills but how to hunt.

If zombies are loose on the world, everyone will need to fend for themselves when it comes to getting food and being able to take down those creepy zombies.

For those who outlast the initial slaughter, they soon will find themselves in a situation where ammo is not available.

But don’t fear attracting zombies with the sound of gunfire or running out of ammo. Don’t forget those classes in traditional archery and Japanese swordsmanship.

The ability to properly use one of those swords before you try anything with it is critical.

“With hand placement, a quarter-inch can be the difference between whether or not you cut yourself,” said Lee Gray, a continuing education instructor.

Some of you might be thinking, “Why learn how to use a sword when guns are everywhere in America?”

Well, each person is going to try to hoard as much ammo as they can, and as more than one avid zombie enthusiast has put it, “Swords never run out of ammo.”

So if you think worldwide zombie takeover is a likely event in the near future or you just think those classes sound like a fun way to learn some useful skills, contact the continuing education office or check out

And if a zombie-pocalypse does happen, and these classes help, then the world’s savior – or at least the last survivor – can say, “I got my start at Amarillo College.”


Originally published: Thursday, October 20, 2011

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