Parcells Hall renovation complete

Photo by Jackie Sellinger

Construction continues on exterior, Byrd Business Building

By Chris Major

Renovations on the interior of Parcells Hall are complete, and students and faculty are settling back in.

The communication and visual arts departments moved back into the building from their temporary home in Dutton Hall before the fall semester began last month.

“It’s really nice,” said Lee Jones, an art major. “It feels like it took about 1,000 years, but it turned out really well.”

Haley Traves, an English major, said she is excited about the new look.

“You can tell the new architecture apart from the old building, and the bigger offices will allow students to be more comfortable with their advisers,” she said.

“I love it,” said Brenda Walsh, academic adviser of language, communication and fine arts.

“The offices are nicer, and the technology is a lot better for the students.”

Classrooms in Parcells were updated to what are called “smart classrooms” and now feature the latest technology, making it easier for instructors and students to connect and take advantage of online resources.

The inside of Parcells may be complete, but construction continues outside and in Byrd Business Building right next door. Faculty members and classes normally housed in the building have been temporarily moved to Dutton Hall, and other buildings around campus until next summer, when renovations are expected to be complete.

Dr. Carol Buse, computer information systems department chairwoman, said she does not mind her temporary office in Dutton Hall.

“Its OK, but it’ll be nice once we get settled in,” she said. “The hardest part is that everyone’s separated.”

The remodel is the first construction done on the two buildings since 1968. Total costs are estimated to be about $11 million.

Kristin Edford, program coordinator of humanities and philosophy, said the construction has been good for the school and the town.

“It benefits students, teachers and the economy with new jobs,” she said.

“It’s good all around.”


Originally published: Thursday, September 15, 2011

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