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Online aids, advisers make choosing a degree easier

By Kaylin Kennedy

For some Amarillo College students, figuring out a major can be a challenge.

From picking a career to finding the right degree plan to actually getting the job, students can find help at the college’s Career and Employment Services.

“The career services are comfortable and easy to go through,” said Brooke Sanders, a student who is using the program.

“It makes you feel like your confusion is silly.”

Headed by Sammie Artho, career and transfer services coordinator, the program offers students access to free career assessments, both online and offline.

AC students have access to MyPlan, an online career guide. The site allows students to test their career personality, interest inventory and skills.

A student then can choose whether to send the results to an adviser for further analysis.

“Sometimes students will do the assessment and read it, and they may not always know what it means,” Artho said.

“If they’ll just come in, I’ll help them pick it apart.”

The career services website offers students links to job search sites, a listing of what degree is required for specific jobs and links for students to realistically decide which job they would like financially.

The website also offers students a chance to apply for jobs on campus and set up job shadows.

Artho said students also can choose to work one-on-one with an adviser in person to share ideas and pick the best career path.

Michelle Ciampa, a psychology major, said the career services are easy to use.

“They all worked with me,” she said. “They showed me where I needed to go and the direction I needed to go in.”

Artho said she just wants students to take advantage of the services offered.

“It’s free,” she said.

Students can meet with Artho about using Career and Employment Services in the room 115 of the Student Service Center.

Visit or call 371-5459 for more information about Career and Employment Services.


Originally published: Thursday, September 15, 2011

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