AC teacher uses new take on photography

Graphic courtesy of Victoria Taylor-Gore

By Austin McWhorter

Artist and Amarillo College fine arts teacher Victoria Taylor-Gore is exploring new ways of artistry through the digital camera.

Taylor-Gore has earned respect in the art world with her work with pastels, which are being represented by Alexandra Stevens Art Gallery in Santa Fe, N.M.

Though she still does pastels, filmmaking and photography have taken center stage in her artistic journey.

“The new high definition cameras have given the common person the ability to take high quality video and photos in an all-in-one device,” Taylor-Gore said.

As a self-taught videographer, Taylor-Gore uses the new technology to shoot her own short videos.

They feature vintage dolls and doll houses shot in a way that tells a story, but the interpretation open.

“I leave my videos open, and the viewer can decide what to take from it,” she said.

Because Taylor-Gore is self-taught and new to digital art, she works to learn technical aspects of filmmaking such as light, color and mood.

“My artistic training has taught me what the final product should look like, but I have to learn how to get there,” she said.

Taylor-Gore is shooting her films with a Canon 7D camera, which she said was first put on the market for journalists because of its versatility to take high quality video footage and still photographs.

“The 7D has great HD video capabilities,” she said.

“It has been used in feature films such as Red.”

“It also is a camera used by professional portrait photographers and photojournalists,” said AC photography instructor Brent Cavanaugh in an email.

“Many fine art photographers and videographers choose it because of its flexibility and relative low cost.”

Taylor-Gore shares her videos on a site called Vimeo.

The video sharing site is set up for amateur and professional filmmakers and photographers to share their work and to help and encourage each other about their work.

“I love to read all the comments on Vimeo after I have posted a new video,” Taylor-Gore said.

“Everyone is so encouraging, and they help me get better with the technical aspects of my work.”

The best way to see some of Taylor-Gore’s work is to go to her website,

From the website, there are links to her Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Taylor-Gore also is chairwoman of the visual arts department.


Originally published: Thursday, October 20, 2011

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