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OPINION: Common courtesy applies to e-cigarettes

February 24, 2014 The Ranger 0

Electronic cigarettes are becoming quite popular lately, some use it as a gateway to quitting, others as a substitution for the harmful effects of real cigarettes. But where do you draw the line for appropriate use?

In the commercials on TV or online advertisements, you see videos and photos of people smoking them in restaurants and other public places where families and children are present.

Center offers money, career help with clothing and workshops

February 7, 2014 The Ranger 0

The Amarillo College Career and Employment Center and Student Money Management Center offer students help in navigating the working community.

“We offer a lot of things,” said Renee Burnam, director of Career and Employment Services. “One of the first things that we have is something called My Plan Assessment.”

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Continuing Education

September 20, 2012 rangeradmin 0

AC helps the Amarillo community one class at a time. By SHAYLYN RALSTON Ranger Reporter Continuing Education at Amarillo College offers the community a variety […]