Avoid tickets, look before you park


By BLASS GUERRERO, Staff Reporter |

The Amarillo College Police Department has a warning for students and staff about prohibited parking zones at the Washington Street Campus.

Sgt. Adan Aleman from the AC Police Department, explained that any blacked-out lines are not for parking and students and faculty should park only on the yellow lines. “In lot six by the STEM building, there are new fire lanes for firetrucks to respond to emergencies in the area,” Aleman said.

Department officials also warned drivers about parking where it’s clearly marked for a certain day and time and said to use the arrows representing the direction a vehicle can park according to the sign. “You cannot park all the way to the end of the block unless another sign states otherwise,” Aleman said.

“Under the bridge on 24th Street, there’s a sign for two minutes for unloading and passenger loading only and not a parking zone,” he said.

Also, if a student or staff member needs to leave their vehicle overnight, the AC Police Department needs to be notified about the reason why it was left there, the vehicle description, the location and when will it be picked up. Vehicles left abandoned or unnotified to the police department may be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Aleman said anyone who violates the parking signs will receive a citation from the AC Police Department. The payment is due within seven business days. Students and faculty can pay at the business office, mail the payment or call AskAC at (806) 371-5000.

For more information contact the AC Police Department at (806) 371-5163 or acpolice@actx.edu.

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