‘A cool little place’

Photo by Kathryn Strong

By Kathryn Strong

I was told there was a place in town with pretty good tea. I was thinking sweet tea. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a frozen yogurt, smoothie and bubble tea shop.

The small frozen yogurt shop, located in a shopping strip on the corner of Ross and 34th, is one of many frozen yogurt establishments opened recently in Amarillo.

The brightly colored walls are warm with décor. On the inside, images of painted pandas and bamboo stretch along the walls, and an employee greets you when you walk in.

Phat Spoons also serves a special treat: bubble tea.

I was not aware of what bubble tea is until my visit.

On the wall is a large poster answering that question. I like that I didn’t have to wonder or search for information.

It is a combination of black or green tea, milk and fresh fruit or syrup for sweetness. The bubbles are not so simple, because they are not actually bubbles. They are dark tapioca pearls or liquid-filled, flavored boba about the size of peas at the bottom of the cup.

The cups are clear to showcase the unique look of the tea. The tapioca pearls look like sunken bubbles at the bottom of the cup. Above that is a layer of a cream-based tea topped with froth.

I decided it was time to try the tea. First, I chose the flavor. I went with the traditional almond-flavored tea with tapioca bubbles. The top of the cup is sealed with a plastic covering, so I punched the straw through it. This is no ordinary straw. It is about half an inch in diameter. At Phat Spoons, they call it a “phat straw.”

As I took my first swig, I got my first surprise: up through the straw came a “bubble.”

It was slick and kind of chewy. I also tried a coconut tea with mango boba bubbles. They are filled with liquid and burst with flavored juice when you bite down. The tea is sweet and chilled and really good.

Along with the bubble tea, they offer smoothies and frozen yogurt. They have punch cards, so after you buy so many smoothies or teas, you get one free.

There also is a “perfect 9 promotion.” If your yogurt weighs exactly 9 ounces, you get it free and a photo on the wall.

I think Phat Spoons is a cool little place.


Published: Wednesday, November 03, 2011

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