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OPINION: Common courtesy applies to e-cigarettes

February 24, 2014 The Ranger 0

Electronic cigarettes are becoming quite popular lately, some use it as a gateway to quitting, others as a substitution for the harmful effects of real cigarettes. But where do you draw the line for appropriate use?

In the commercials on TV or online advertisements, you see videos and photos of people smoking them in restaurants and other public places where families and children are present.

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EDITORIAL: People are too personalized

February 20, 2014 The Ranger 0

It seems people have forgotten how to get along. Our sensitivity to being offended has gotten to point that we now expect the whole world to adapt to our own personal idea of what’s acceptable. We are so disconnected, and our technology allows everything about our lives to be so personalized, that we expect other human beings to be just as customizable.

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OPINION: MMA knocks out boxing

February 13, 2014 The Ranger 0

According to, Sugar Ray Robinson 175-19-6-2, Muhammad Ali 56-5 and Henry Armstrong 151-21-9 were the top three greatest fighters of all time.

While reading through the list, I noticed that a lot of the people on the list are not recent. I have figured, for a long while now, that Mixed Martial Arts has really taken over and out-shined boxing, but I never thought one of the greats would think the same as I do.

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OPINION: Sagging styles reveal careless character

February 9, 2014 The Ranger 1

There have been a lot of styles for guys. One of the more recent styles has been for males to sag their pants below the butt, showing off underwear.

I do not understand why guys do this. Maybe they do it to show off for women; maybe it’s for attention; maybe it’s just for the “fashion” of it.

REVIEW: Successful Latin film brings spice to American market

February 9, 2014 The Ranger 0

Nobody is completely ready for parenthood, right?

In the movie, Instructions not Included, Valentin Bravo goes from being a playboy in Acapulco to a devoted father after a fling from the past leaves a baby, Maggie, on his doorstep. Maggie’s mother drops her off, then leaves to pay the cab fee and doesn’t return.

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Turtle eggs: AskAC and you shall receive

February 8, 2014 The Ranger 0

Students and others with unanswered questions about Amarillo College: Look no further.

AskAC is a hub of information that can help with any questions related to AC: staff numbers, parking and anything else a student may be unsure about.